Based in the East Midlands, John McLean Photography studios are recognised providers of high quality still photography and video content for businesses of all sizes. Covering many industry sectors including architecture, industrial, hospitality and branded retail we have an established track record dating back many years creating exciting exhibition, print and electronic media.

I came up through the hobby/assistant/staff photographer/freelancer route which may not be the easiest transition but the journey has taught me to be practiced in my approach, methodical in my work and patient in the face of apparent chaos. 

Based in my studio in the East Midlands I travel all around this great nation and beyond her borders plying my trade.

20 years plus down the line, I have met some wonderful people, been to some amazing places and continue to enjoy the variety of assignments that keep me fresh and ready for the day.  I enjoy the cut and thrust of producing commercial images in todays market and await the next challenge with a camera in one hand and a dog lead in the other.

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